February 18, 2024
1 P.M.-6 P.M.

During RCNY's Great Street Celebration, there will be all kinds of things to do on Deli Square from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. This programming comes about in cooperation with FENIX and Verhalenhuis Belvédère. The entire program is free and fun for young and old.

1 P.M.-5 P.M.

Varied programming full of performances, workshops and demos.

1 p.m. - 2 p.m. - New Year's Traditions
Dragon Dance - by Shinji Entertainment
Guzheng - by Shinji Entertainment
Tai Chi - by Chi Connect
Traditional Chinese Group Dance - by Ms. Chiong

14:00 - 15:00 - Fun for kids
Visit from Kung Fu Panda and the Tiger - by Shinji Entertainment
Total Body Workout - by performance artist Kexin Hao
Popping demo - by Jing Wang
Kung Fu workshop - by Shinji Entertainment

3 p.m. - 5 p.m. - Music & performance art
Popping demo - by Jing Wang
Spoken word - by Sandra Pham
Total Body Workout - by performance artist Kexin Hao
Stackademics - live hip hop show


On the Deli Square you will find several stalls with Chinese goods and food. There is also an Artfair provided by Young Asian Leaders and Rotterdam's city artist.


Children can have fun in the kid's tent. Here they craft a dragon, decorate a lantern or draw a beautiful RCNY drawing.


Learn to play Mahjong, the ancient and popular game from China. Two professional players from Holland Casino Rotterdam explain all about the game. Of course you can play a game afterwards.


In Western countries such as the Netherlands, there is little to no representation and representation of the various Asian communities in the national media. As a result, people are not aware that negative associations have been created. The associations manifest themselves, for example, in: prejudice, microaggressions, discrimination and racist remarks.

Many communities originating from Asia are often forgotten when creating policies on anti-racism, discrimination and inclusiveness. When naming the word "Asian," one quickly thinks of East Asian ethnicities such as: Chinese, Korean and Japanese while Asia is a huge continent rich in diverse cultures and people.

With this accessible and simple game 'Who am I? Asia edition' creator Rui Jun aims to capture various people from Asian communities and diaspora intersectionally. You can read the stories of the people in the portrait cards at You'll view and play the game at Deli Square during RCNY.


Exhibition Lisa Hu - A proper place

A photoseries on how Chinese female immigrants can overcome traditional limitations and challenges of an unfamiliar culture and language to find a place in society.

Lisa Hu: "Even in the Netherlands, because of tradition and prejudice, women still have to make more efforts and greater sacrifices than men to be heard and seen in society. How can Chinese female immigrants overcome traditional limitations and challenges of an unfamiliar culture and language to find a place in society? In recent years, I have visited 25 first-generation Chinese women from different sectors and age groups.

Through a feminine, comprehensive perspective, accompanied by interviews, I portray the women with particular attention to their Chinese identity in a different, Dutch environment. They are here and always also there; they experience a double connection."


In collaboration with IFFR, the short film "Now I'm in the Kitchen" by Yana Pan is running. An impressionistic animated film that brings to life the kitchen culture and distance between a Chinese mother and her American daughter.

Adrian Martin on the film: "An engaging, intimate animated film by CalArts graduate Yana Pan, in which kitchenware is brought to life and enchanted. As everyday objects and ingredients sway and dance before our eyes, the literal and figurative distance between a traditional Chinese mother and her daughter's life as an animator and designer in New York becomes apparent. Spending time together in the kitchen proves to be a bridge between their completely different worlds."


The Zodiac of the year, the dragon, will be transformed on Deli Square into a collaborative work of art by Katendrecht. Two dragons will be painted on Sunday, one by Artist Nathalie Jang and one by visitors themselves.