Kevin Fan

"I was born in Hong Kong, but soon my parents left for the Netherlands. I stayed two years longer in Hong Kong with my aunt before I went after them. I arrived in Breda and started school. My parents thought it was important that I should have a good command of the Chinese language, so around my ninth I went to an aunt in Malaysia. I learned to speak and write Chinese. At thirteen I first came to Rotterdam. I started high school in a transition year to improve my Dutch.
Meanwhile, my parents restaurant Asian Glories were launched, which is now 23 years. Four years later Dim Daily was there too. I'm a doer and like to see quick results, so it is not strange that I eventually ended up in the hospitality industry. First as a part-time job, full-time later. I worked in the kitchen at various restaurants and learned a lot. When my parents in 2014 died in the MH17 plane crash all went at breakneck speed and I suddenly had two restaurants. I am now working to optimize spin and get stable two spots.
With a great team around me to succeed me to continue to develop the restaurants. I'm a perfectionist, so we constantly busy. With Dim Daily we are in an exciting move. From February 2017 we will open the Schiedamsevest 59. A new building, new focus, new recipes. Dim Daily concept remains, but in a new guise. It will be more focused on peace and nature. People can longer tables. And we have more vegetarian recipes on the map. I try ideas to keep my parents alive, but with a new twist. In the future I want more to work with my own concepts, but I want to ensure that Asian Glories and Dim Daily are strong and continue. "
Kevin Fan (1984) is the owner and chef of Asian Glories and Dim Daily. Where he once was apprenticed with renowned chefs, he himself is now in Rotterdam no stranger.
Image: Mark Bolk Text: Marjolein de Jong
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